How to fix error code 52 cd rom

Access to CD-ROM lost when GUI-mode Setup starts


Symptoms  : When you are installing Microsoft Windows 2000, Setup may lose access to the CD-ROM drive after copying files and restarting. When this occurs, you receive the following error message:

The file on Windows 2000 Product CD-ROM is needed.

Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.

Copy file from:


If you click Cancel, you receive the following message:


An error has been encountered that prevents Setup from continuing.

Setup failed to install product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information.

Press OK to view the setup log file.

If you click OK to view the Setup log, it contains the following message:


The DEVICE\CDROM0\I386\NT5INF.CAT catalog file could not be found. The error code is 1. This is a fatal error.

incorrect function.

Cause : This behavior occurs when Windows 2000 GUI-mode Setup looks for but does not detect the CD-ROM drive. This is usually associated with out-of-date firmware on the CD-ROM drive, or if the CD-ROM drive is incompatible with Windows 2000.
Resolution : Contact the manufacturer of the CD-ROM drive for a firmware update, or replace the unit with one that is listed on the Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List.
WorkAround : Use a Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98 Startup disk with CD-ROM drive support to copy the I386 folder from the Windows 2000 CD-ROM to the hard disk. Then, run Winnt.exe from the copied folder to install Windows 2000.
More Info : Note that this behavior can also be caused by a simple timing issue, where the CD-ROM does not respond quickly enough during initial detection. If this is the case, turn your computer off and then back on, and let Setup restart. The CD-ROM drive may then be detected, allowing Setup to continue.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition



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