How to Fix Your PC Error 0x490

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You may receive error message 0x490 when some hardware was faulty, pc freezing, blue screen and so on, this page contains some useful information to repair your windows 7 (or other windows systems) error code 0x490, if you fixed this error from this help article, please email us ( ) give your feedback, and we hope you can share this page to your friends if they need like you, thanks.

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  • This Error may occur in your windows 7/vista system.
  • How Fix?Those random issues are the worst! It could be a few things, but most of the time it is hardware. I had an older ThinkPad that did about the same thing…once in awhile it would not find the hard drive. I’m sure it was a controller issue as another hard drive didn’t fix the issue and both drives worked fine in another system.

    On another computer I had a 160GB drive appear to fail…several times. I was about to toss it. I deleted all partitions and ran a utility to fix bad sectors and perform a low level format. That was 4 years ago and it still works fine today.

    I would definitely make sure you save all your needed files just in case and make a full image of the system. That way if you did have a drive failure you could pop a new one in and be back up and running within an hour.

    In the meantime, if you can get into Windows and it work fine, I would run the Disk cleanup and drafrag utilities in the properties of your C: drive to make sure it is as good as it can be.

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