How to fix msvcr80.dll error when SQL Server 2008 setup

Error Message

SQL server 2008 setup may fail with an unhandled exception and when you view the Details in the error report that is generated, you may see the following call stack:

  • KERNEL32.DLL!RaiseException [unknown]
    MSVCR80.DLL!_CxxThrowException [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!_com_raise_error [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!_com_issue_errorex [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!MSXML::IXMLDOMDocument::save [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!InitializeSqlSetupCodeGroupCore [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!InitializeSqlSetupCodeGroup [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!wmain [unknown]
    SETUP.EXE!__tmainCRTStartup [unknown]
    KERNEL32.DLL!BaseThreadInitThunk [unknown]
    NTDLL.DLL!__RtlUserThreadStart [unknown]
    NTDLL.DLL!_RtlUserThreadStart [unknown]

This exception is due to a known bug with the SQL server 2008 setup program.

  • This error can occur when SQL Server 2008 setup is run by a user who is not a local administrator on the system where SQL server is being installed.
  • This error can also occur because of User Account Control (UAC) on systems running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems. UAC forces members of the BUILTIN \Administrators group to use a standard user access token. Therefore, on systems where UAC is enabled, the SQL Server 2008 setup program does not recognize the user as a part of local administrators group and fails with the exception discussed in this article.

How to repair this msvcr80.dll error

For local installations, SQL Server 2008 setup must be run under a local Administrator account or a Domain account with local Administrator privileges.

On Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems, if UAC is enabled, you must allow SQL server 2008 setup program to run as elevated.

Please visit links for further details to face this problem:

Note: If you are using the same account for setting up the server and running the service, please note that you can remove the account from the local Administrators group after the setup is complete. For more information on configuring service accounts refer to Setting Up Windows Service Accounts topic in SQL Server 2008 Books Online.

That is we find the informations to fix your SQL Server 2008 msvcr80.dll problems, hope our page is helpful to you, if you still haven’t fixed this errors, please contact SQL Server Troubleshooting and Support for further help.


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