How to fix computer system error 12007

Find which system errors below, and visit microsoft support help links to fix

  • Questions & Error Message:
    “Connection to update server failed.__The error code is 12007” 

    I am running Windows 7 and using a wirless internet connection. The error occurs each time I turn the computer on and obviously before I am connected to the net. After I have connected the error window remains active until i close it.

    **Original Title**
    Update Failed. The Update Module has intercepted an error. Connection to update server failed.__The error code is 12007. The server name could not be resolved.

  • Answers:
    If you run Windows Update do you get an error? Does this error state that it is from Windows Update or is this from another program that is running an auto-update program? 

    Perform a Clean Boot and see if the error returns. Post back with results and info.

That is we find the help informations to repair computer error 12007, hope our page is helpful to you, if you still haven’t fixed this errors, please contact microsoft support for further help.


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