How to fix pc system error 2203

  • Questions & Error Message:
    error code 2203
    Office Version:Office 2010 Operating System:Windows 7″ 

    In process of installing windows office professional 2010 the install does not work – error 2203. An internal error has occurred. (C:\Windows\ -2147287035 ) Contact Microsoft Product Services (PSS)FOR ASSISTANCE etc. etc. —– pops up

    – i use Windows 7 professional – using 64 bit on 3 gig memory HP Pavillion –

    this message I have seen before and directs me to a file that does not exist – users\max\appdata………. and other words but on my C drive there is not … users\max\appdata — etc.

    I suspect it may have to do with iTunes because a month or so ago when Win 7 was installed, I could not get iTunes to work so called them and some tech like person walked me thru changing some teck like files and she said sometimes msft stuff has perimeters that interfere with Apple’s iTunes – I think she had me do the set up under another user name we set up as she and I solved the iTunes problems

    This error message came up two weeks ago when I also tried to reinstall Win Office 2007 pro and that was at the promt of some error message having to do with OneNote – I think so anyway


  • Answers:
    Try to install the Office 2010 in windows cleanboot mode and check if it helps. 929135 to boot the computer in clean boot mode. 

    Note: Ensure to enable Normal Start-up after troubleshooting.


That is we find the help informations to computer error code 2203, hope our page is helpful to you, if you still haven’t fixed this errors, please contact microsoft support for further help.


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