How to fix a rundll error

DLL files form part of a large record of codes and information that are used by many of the programs on your computer system. They are all linked to the Windows Registry and help to enhance the speed and memory effectiveness of your computer by using an identical code to run various tasks processed by various programs at a time. Hence, the rundll error arises when a program is not granted access to this particular code.

Error Loading C:\windows\system 32\bridge.dll ” is the kind of rundll error message that you can get.

Why does this happen?

This error can arise because a DLL file has been infected by a virus or is missing on the system due to a spyware. As the programs using this file will not be able to access it, there will be a rundll error to tell your system that the program cannot be loaded due to the missing code/file.

How to fix a rundll error?

To be able to locate where the error comes from, you can make use of internet tools or choose to fix it manually.

Solution 1: Reboot your computer

Sometimes, simply rebooting your computer can fix this problem. If it does not, you can choose from the other solutions below.

Solution 2: Install and Remove the program

This problem could have happened due to an incorrect program removal procedure. You can hence try to fix it by installing the program that has been removed and to correctly uninstall it either with the Uninstall option proposed by the program itself or through the Add/Remove feature found in the Control Panel menu.

  • 1. Go to the Start menu and open Control Panel
  • 2. Select Add/ Remove program option and locate for the program that you want to remove and click Remove.
  • 3. When the procedure is over, delete any shortcuts that could have stayed and empty the Recycle Bin.
  • 4. Reboot your system

Solution 3: Locate the error with System Configuration

  • 1. Go to your Start menu and select the “Run” command
  • 2. Enter “msconfig” to load the System Configuration Utility
  • 3. When it shows up, choose the Selective Startup option and enable only one of its options.
  • 4. Apply the changes and restart the computer.
  • 5. If an error message appears concerning the specific option selected, you can either proceed to solution 4. Else, continue the same procedures until the rundll error appears for any specific selected option from the list.

Solution 4: Run an antispyware program or get online help

You should download a good an antispyware program and try to locate the malware or spyware that is corrupting the code or file needed to process the program.

You can get help online to try to fix this problem. There are some effective websites that can give you some wise tips on how to identify and delete this kind of threat or which will give you the necessary tools to fix rundll errors. Do not forget to note down the type of error that you are facing though.

Anti Spyware

Online Tools

This is how you do it.



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