How do we install an Operating System

The process is easy with hardly any work for you. Follow these steps to get this work done in a jiffy.

  1. Just as your computer shows its brand logo or as soon as your Central processing Unit (CPU) starts working,  press F2 or F10 (depends from computer to computer)
  2. The system utility opens.
  3. There will be an option called “Boot Sequence” there.
  4. Change the boot sequence from your hard disk to the CD/DVD-ROM.
  5. Before exiting this mode do insert the the Operating system CD into the disk drive.
  6. Exit this mode and save the changes too.
  7. Then the computer restarts itself.
  8. When it shoes an option that tells you to press any key to read from the disk.
  9. Press the key and the installation will begin.
  10. Do the needful (like giving the code ,etc.)

And the OS is installed.


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